Mix Sculptures / Instalations

Mix Sculptures

Different Sculptures/Installations with a Mix of Mediums.

Mix Sculptures/Installations


“Mix Sculptures” are a mix of photography, interactive installations, sculpture, and computer programming, where the subject can interact with objects in a park or the street; such as the bench series (“Egg Bech” 2010, “Killer Love” 2011, “Social Labyrinth” 2009), the bicycle that lights the entry of a building (“Lightcycle”2009) or a frame that looks like a photo but sometimes moves (“Kiss and Wink” 2008).

We need to investigate the language of objects that surround our everyday reality. Since there is a new environment, and new ways to navigate and perceive our web space v/s reality; as artists, we can respond to that, asking our work and the viewer to interact, and engage with larger surroundings mixing/intertwining the Web Landscape with our physical Landscape. Because of the changes with social media, we need to redefine how we see ourselves and the world around us.

Victor Pellegrini
Mix Sculptures
Oct 2008

Print / Lightboxes


Egg Bench Photography and Lightcycle are also available as limited edition prints Size 1 Editions of 3, 1 Egg Bench Available and 1 Lightcycle Available, Light Boxes Edition of 2, 1 Egg Bench Available and 1 Lightcycle Available.

Size 1:
27,7 × 18 in
70,56 × 45,65 cm

25.7 × 18.1 in
65 × 46 cm

“Egg Bech” 2010
“Egg Bech”, detail, 2010
“Lightcycle”, detail, 2009
Mix Sculptures / Instalations


“Killer Love” 2011
“Killer Love”, detail, 2011
“Social Labyrinth”, Detail 2009
“Social Labyrinth” 2009
“Kiss and Wink” 2008